Stephanie Frizzell

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About Me

I am an oil painter in Montreal, Québec‎, studying Art Education at Concordia University. I choose mostly animals as subjects, but I also paint landscapes, seascapes and flowers. Many of my works are recreations of images I took while traveling. I have experimented working on various surfaces such as canvases, wood panels and velvet, and have recently began painting with watercolors. I also enjoy photography. I take after my grandmother, Margaret Frizzell, who was a professional watercolor and oil painter, well-known in Montreal (specifically Hudson area) and in P.E.I., Canada.

As mainly an animal portraitist, my goal is to bring forth attention to the beauty of animals (often overlooked in modern societies). I also sometimes hint towards current threats to endangered species. By magnifying each animal’s unique characteristics in my art work, I hope to encourage appreciation and conservation of nature.