Stephanie Frizzell

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Born in Montreal, Quebec, Stephanie began painting around 2014. She uses mostly oils but also works with watercolors. She depicts wild animals in their natural habitat to promote appreciation and thus conservation of nature. Many of her recent works are of endangered species; perhaps their beauty will inspire viewers to educate themselves and help preserve the planet’s wonderful biodiversity.

Stephanie also occasionally paints subjects such as flowers and landscapes and she enjoys photography. She takes after her grand-mother Margaret Frizzell who was a well-known painter around Montreal and in P.E.I. She loves the perfection found in nature's imperfections and creates art from a holistic and spiritual perspective.

Stephanie currently studies art education at Concordia University in Montreal. She strongly values creativity and hopes to share her passion for art with students. She loves spending time with her dog and two cats.

What can you do to help wildlife? You can live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, educate yourself and those around you and/or donate to environmental conservation organizations.